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ripple 107.5 FM is an independent Alternative registered LPFM (Low Power FM) NZ music radio station broadcasting from Stillwater, on Auckland's Hibiscus Coast in New Zealand.
ripple 107.5 FM's terrestrial coverage area takes in all of Stillwater village, and most of the populated areas of Whangaparaoa Peninsula, including Stanmore Bay, Red Beach and Whangaparaoa Townhip, Silverdale North and Hilltop.  As an LPFM broadcaster we are limited in our terrestrial geographic reach, however to compensate for this, if you can't pick us up wherever you are located on the Hibiscus Coast and beyond on 107.5 FM, you can tune in to ripple FM via our online 'Live' stream which is available anywhere on the Planet where there's Internet via the Streema Radio Mobile App. Or just click on this Hyperlink  to Stream ripple FM :
ripple 107.5 FM's Online Stream runs about 8 seconds behind our FM broadcast, this is because the 'Live' Stream comes from our Server, which is located in Dunstable,  England. So the time it takes for our feed from NZ to reach the UK, get processed in our Server, and then broadcast out around the Planet takes around 8 seconds.  

We are community minded (with a bit of good natured attitude) :
ripple 107.5 FM is more than happy to plug local businesses on air and support local community groups with fundraising for good causes, so just get in touch with us by email or phone and ask! We'd love to help. 

ripple 107.5 FM is not cluttered with advertising content which is our main point of difference to the commercially driven network radio stations which are full of ads. It's also great for our handful of local advertisers as their ads actually  get noticed instead of getting lost "in the crowd'.

Scheduled Programmes
ripple 107.5 FM currently has four scheduled weekly shows and one feature show which airs occasionally whenever we can get our busy Musician Presenter Paul Scott to get one knocked out for us. 
Our weekly scheduled shows on ripple 107.5 FM are :

Old School Rock  with Karen White - Friday's 20:00 (NZST) Wellington NZ based Karen brings you a well thought out selection of album tracks off classic Old School albums from the 60's and 70's that rarely, if ever got a spin on radio. Rainbow, Wishbone Ash, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple, Graham Bonnet to name just a few.       

eclectique NZ & Australia  with Paul Lightfoot - Saturdays 17:00-18:00 (NZST) Paul brings you mix of the latest and best music and occasional Artist interviews with NZ and Australia music Artists.  Also syndicated to radio stations The Most 100.4 FM in New Plymouth and Switch 87.9 FM in Gisborne. 

The Sunday Breakfast  with Gary Jon 'LIVE' Direct from Staffordshire, England - Sunday's 09:00 - Middday (NZST). Brit, Gary Jon Presents The Sunday Breakfast  'Live' to air from a studio 12,000 miles away in Tamworth Staffordshire, England, and whilst he's never stepped foot in New Zealand as yet, his accurate and detailed weather and tide reports definitely give the impression he's Presenting the show from ripple FM's Studios in Stillwater, Hibiscus Coast; You cant tell the difference. It's unique and different and Gary's laid back style and mix of classics and 12" remixes makes it one of the best Sunday morning breakfast radio shows in New Zealand we reckon. Sundays 9am to Midday (NZST) exclusively on ripple FM. 

The Indie Show  with Dan Sproull - Sundays Midday to 14:00 (NZST) . We reckon it's one of the best Indie music shows on the Planet. Dan Sproull Presents his weekly show from Cornwall, England, and ripple 107.5 FM is thrilled to exclusively broadcast 'The Indie Show' Downunder.    

Down In The Basement  with Paul Scott.  Ex pat Kiwi and Sydney based Paul Scott is a prolific Songwriter / Performer / Recording Artist, so we here at ripple FM absolutely respect and 100% supports Paul's  music commitments. We just love it when we receive a new show from him. It's a treat, it's Special. Stay tuned and we'll let you know when  another 'Down in The Basement' is coming up on ripple 107.5 FM.  
Some of ripple FM's Playlist contains Explicit content.

We don't play censored versions of songs, we choose to play songs as per how the Artist that wrote them wanted them to be heard, and if some are deemed Explicit,  we'll still play them, albeit only after 9pm.  So, we thought we'd best point out that there are a few songs on our playlist that are labelled explicit due to the lyric content featuring strong language or glorification of drug use.  We do play a Strong Language warning before any explicit material is played on air,  but if you are offended hearing blatant use of the 'F' word, then it's simple, if you hear our Strong Language warning, may we suggest you tune out.  We don't condone offensive language or drug use, but we  don't believe in including censored or edited for radio versions of songs.  So expect to hear the likes of Fire Water Burn and Smack My Bitch Up on ripple FM 100% uncensored. They're great songs, end of. It's ALL about the music with us and if a song is 8 minutes long and it's a classic, then we'll play it. We're currently playing Unknown Mortal Orchestra's  19 minute long instrumental track SB-06 , because it's a psychedelic masterpiece, and we love it too.  

Welcome to a fresh change in radio, with less talk and more Music, uninterrupted & unadulterated. 

That's New Zealand's ripple 107.5 FM. Stillwater, Hibiscus Coast, New Zealand.   

ripple FM also streams to the World on the Streema Radio mobile App
Or Download the Streema Radio Mobile App at Google Playstore or the Apple Store, and search for ripple FM 

Meet the ripple FM Crew

 in New Zealand, across the Ditch, and the UK. 

Paul Lightfoot

Presenter / Producer- Stillwater, NZ
Auckland Musician and radio Presenter Paul Lightfoot stumbled into radio in March 2012 when he was approached by West Midland's (UK) based radio Presenter Gary Jon to do an interview on his music performing. Next thing the former Mockers' Guitarist was Producing and Presenting his own weekly syndicated music radio show eclectique NZ & Australia promoting Kiwi and Australian music for TCR FM in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. 'eclectique NZ & Australia' now broadcasts every Saturday from 17:00-18:00 (NZST) on four independent radio stations around New Zealand. They are : ripple 107.5 FM / The Most 100.4 FM in New Plymouth, / Switch 87.9 FM in Gisborne, / and ROKIT 107.5 FM in Dunedin. Paul owns and runs 
       ripple 107.5 FM.       

Paul Scott

Presenter / Producer - Sydney, Australia  
What can I say? I rate this Dude as New Zealand's Best Pop Song Writer. Christchurch born Paul Scott, was the Bass Guitarist and Songwriter in 80's legends 'Pop Mechanix'. He moved to Sydney in the mid-80's and has lived there ever since. This prolific Songwriter/Guitarist hasn't stopped, having formed such wonderful Sydney bands such as  'Montana' and 'The Likes Of You'. When I can grab him from his hectic schedule for a few moments, he Produces and Presents ripple FM's new show Down in The Basement Direct from Sydney.      

 Gary Jon

Presenter/ Producer 
Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK  
If it was't for Gary Jon, there would be no ripple FM, and I wouldn't have got involved in radio. It was him who got in touch with me way back in 2012 as Presenter of 'eclectique Mix' on the West Midland's radio station TCR FM. Gary Presents ripple FM's The Sunday Breakfast  'LIVE Direct from the UK every Sunday from 9-Midday (NZST)  Gary is also a Presenter on Staffordshire's Radio Tamworth and the UK's legendary Radio Caroline.   

Karen White

Wellington, NZ
Karen is a classical trained Vocalist and Pianist whose love of most things music (except Thrash) kicked off at the age of 7 after seeing the Nolans on TV singing "I'm In The Mood For Dancing". But it was at the age of 11 after hearing the release of Van Halen's 'Jump' on the radio she suffered serious sensory overload and began secretly borrowing her brother's album collection, immortalizing her musical roots in Rock and Blues forever. "It's about playing those other songs off the albums, the ones people have either long forgotten or never heard before. Beats and riffs that transport you back in time. Let the good times roll". Karen White Presents ripple FM's Old School Rock, Fridays 20:00 (NZST) commencing Friday July 5.

Fiona Pettigrew

Stillwater, NZ
Fiona is The Voice of ripple 107.5 FM, and Voices most of ripple FM's Station ID stings. Fiona is a hugely important part of ripple FM's branding.  


ripple 107.5 FM  
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